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March 10, 2017

“friday, 2/24: poke bar was so delicious!!! THANK YOU! please have it again!!!”

We repeated the Spicy Tuna Pole Bowls on March 10!

“Are students allowed to bring their own reusable container when buying food from the marketplace given the shortage in eco clamshells?”

No, our local health department does not allow us to serve food into personal to-go containers. We have ordered and received a new supply of eco-clamshells, so the shortage is over for now. We still encourage everyone to bring back your containers promptly please.

“does oxy sell kombucha anywhere? if not, can it be offered? thank you! :)”

The Marketplace carries two flavors of Kevita MasterBrew Kombucha...

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February 24, 2017

“I submit for consideration Detroit style coney dogs -
I personally make them with just ground beef and no beef heart, but it's a really easy recipe to scale to huge quantities!”

We hope you came to Homestyle on Friday February 17 – we served Coney Dogs – minus the beef heart ;-) Thank you for the suggestion – the station was a hit.

“Hi there! I love being able to have waffles on the weekend but I was wondering if there's almond extract in either the waffle batter or the syrup? I was hoping that maybe you could decrease the amount in there? Thanks!”

We purchase a waffle mix in two varieties – Vanilla and Multi-Grain. Neither lists almond extract as an ingredient.

“I love the vegan muffins! At the end of last semester you made...

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February 10, 2017

Come try a different food truck each Monday and Thursday at lunch during spring semester!

The Faculty Council, ASOC and Campus Dining are pleased to announce a different food truck will come to campus each Monday and Thursday from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. on the south (Bioscience) side of AGC, below Sycamore Glen. The trucks will be on campus each week that classes are in session as part of our semester-long pilot program. Cash, credit and debit cards only. Oxy Meal Plans cannot be accepted for payment. Come check it out!

Thursday 2/9/17               Slanging Corea

Monday 2/13/17               Richeeze

Thursday 2/16/17             Papa Fritz

Monday 2/20/17    ...

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February 10, 2017

"Hey! Is there any way we could get large individual pickles for sale? I love a big juicy crunchy dill pickle as a snack and I'm sure other people do too. I have seen them individually packaged before but a big jar of them would work too. Thanks!"

Yes! The Marketplace now carries individually packaged dill pickles. Look for them in the Grab & Go.

"I saw that you already responded to a request or sushiritos but I just wanted to second that and say that was so good and it would make my semester to see it on the menu again! I also wanted to ask if it is possible that pho could be served? Thank you for all you do the food is wonderful!!"

Sushiritos were on the menu for lunch on Friday 2/10/17. We hope you enjoyed them! Your request for Pho is noted J

"Could we get...

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January 20, 2017

"would it be possible to get baguettes in the marketplace at the sandwich bar? thanks"

Your wish is granted! The Marketplace is pleased to announce that we will have a Baguette available at the Deli Station beginning 1/30/17. We will start out in small quantities and see how things go from there.

(Tiger Cooler) "Sour skittles should be sold up front sometimes!"

While our supplier does offer the Sour Skittles, they do not come in the 36ct boxes we typically carry. We would unfortunately have to stock the smaller boxes, but they would be at a price that seems unreasonably high to us.

(Tiger Cooler) "Please bring back the seaweed snacks!!"

The seaweed snacks are back. This is a new item, and sometimes it takes us...

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December 5, 2016

"Could we please have fresh berries at the waffle station instead of the syrupy kind?"

Fresh berries fluctuate dramatically in price and availability. They also require significant staff preparation time, which would subtract from preparing other items from scratch. The frozen berries we use have a consistent price because they are harvested at peak season, and are convenient and quick for the staff members who maintain the station. 

"Can we bring back pesto to the mp?"

Yes :-) Look for the individual Pesto containers in the Grab & Go case!

"At the homestyle section today, Thursday November 17th, the sign for the food was spelled "Philipino Pork Adobo". Through my experience (being Filipino), I always spelled it as Filipino or Pilipino (traditional way). May I ask: Why did you...

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November 28, 2016

Information to help you plan your purchases in Campus Dining for the remainder of the semester.

All meal money(board) plans are valid through 7:30pm on Saturday December 17, 2016
You may check your remaining balance by asking any cashier, or by enrolling in MANAGE MY ID. Please take a moment to check out the meal plan usage signs posted in the Marketplace, or to look at this chart.

DEPLETED FUNDS: If you deplete all your meal plan and vending funds (see below) you may add deposits via ...
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November 16, 2016

"What butter/condiment is used in the wraps at the cooler? (Such as the veggie wrap with eggplant, snap peas, lettuce, carrot from today [10/22].) Is it vegan? Thank you!"

That is our Karashi Mustard Dressing, a vinaigrette made from a Japanese mustard. Yes, it is vegan.

"There were large and small pieces of white plastic in the hummus today (in the pita & hummus)... It looked like it had been blended with the hummus

Thank you for letting us know. We investigated and determined the plastic was soft pieces from a rubber scraper that got caught in the blade. We discarded the rest of the product. If you did not already get a refund, please contact us at and we will give you a credit. We apologize!

"Could you please use more kabocha pumpkin and other squash in the vegan options?"

'tis the season for squash! We received your suggestion on 10/22, and menued the Kabocha Pumpkin again at the SLO meal for lunch on 10/31. We hope you found...

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October 18, 2016

"Could the quinoa lentil loaf from home style become a regular at the brunch buffet? It's my favorite Oxy meal!"


We're so glad you like this vegan selection! We serve the Quinoa Lentil Loaf about every three weeks at Homestyle. The weekend crew is a different team and has not made this item before. However, it may show up as a re-heat (gently re-heated items are regularly served at brunch ;->)

"Please start selling Hint water in the MP!!!"

We'll check our suppliers and see if they carry it. Thank you!

"Thank you for serving a veggie pasta of the day at the pasta to order station! Have been longing for it--please keep more coming!"

You're welcome. Expect a vegetarian option as Pasta of the Day at least once per week.

"Is it possible to label low-sodium as you do gf/vegan? Thanks"

We wish we had the human resources to do more...

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September 29, 2016

"Would it be possible to stock other flavors of Lily's hummus? According to their website, they carry: Plain (Original) Smoked Tomato and Basil Roasted Garlic Roasted Jalapeno Kalamata Olive Roasted Red Pepper Black Bean Hummus"

We are carrying the only two Sabras Hummus varieties that our vendors carry in snack packs, which include crackers - Plain and Roasted Red Pepper. The other flavors are only available in larger containers - and we don't have much space to spare in the "Grab & Go" frig - sorry!

"THE HALAL CHICKEN KABOBS WERE AMAZING!!! The chicken was so moist and flavorful; can we please have this again?

Yes, we will make the kabobs again. Thanks for letting us know :-)

"THE VEGETABLE NAPOLEON WAS SO GOOD PLEASE MAKE IT AGAIN!!! Also I love the new raw pistachio bars please keep them. <3


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