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July 30, 2014

The "fake meat" vs. "plant protein" debate rages on!

"Thanks of {sic} keeping up with the suggestion box during the summer! After reading the previous submissions, I wanted to add my veg opinion. Many people ask for more fake meat (soy crumbles, soy burgers, strips and nuggets), but I think that the majority of processed fake meats are nearly as unhealthy as meat itself! I know that it is impossible to please everyone all of the time, but I greatly appreciate the minimally processed sources of veg protein that you provide, such as tofu, peas, lentils and beans (have twice as much protein as tofu!!), and tempeh (has more protein per cup than 5 eggs!!). Thanks for working so hard to please all who eat here!"



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July 7, 2014

"The smothered sandwich y'all served on Cinco de Mayo was AMAZING, I loved the soy beef option. Please bring it back this summer and have it monthly!!"


"please have more fake meat for the summer. The "beef" strips are very yummy."

Come for lunch on Monday July 14 for a repeat of the smothered sandwich: Pork Tortas Ahogadas and Soy Beef Strip Tortas Ahogadas!

"What is the recipe for the...

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May 2, 2014

"It would be great if we could have lemons AND limes in the salad bar. Thanks!"

At $100 per case limes are not financially feasible right now :-)

Read all about it:

"Why in the world is the fruit at the Coffee Cart TWICE as expensive as in the Marketplace and Cooler?" 

The price is the same in all three facilities, $1.05 each, or $2.10 for organics. What you received was organic fruit, but it wasn't advertised as such. We  are sooo  sorry and will advertise properly in the future. 

BTW - organic bananas are not a different price.



April 11, 2014

"Hello! I would love a Caribbean food night or incorporating more caribbean food into the menu. Like jerk chicken or coconut fried chicken! Also, on another note, latkes (jewish potato pancakes) with apple sauce and sour cream. So yummy and easy! Ps I appreciate how responsive you guys are even though you denied my sprinkles request :("

Here's hoping you visited the Cooler on Friday evening, April 4. The weekend special that evening was Caribbean Jerk Spiced Fish with Pineapple Salsa and Coconut Rice!  Next up: Monday April 14 at Homestyle for Dinner: Caribbean Jerk Chicken (or Soy Chicken) with Red Beans, Rice and Spicy Greens. Passover menus in the Marketplace begin Tuesday April 15, and you will see house-made Latkes on Saturday April 19 for Brunch!

"Passover is coming up! Can we have the motza ball soup bar again?? So yummy"

Yes! Come for Matzo Ball Soup to  Order on Friday April 18 at the Sautee Station! 

"The tacos (shrimp and soy) that usually occur on Wednesday are the best. Please don't deprive me from them."

The Tacos at Chefs Corner returned this week (April 9). We don't expect to deprive you any more this semester ;-)

"The vegan carrot (?) muffins on 3/30 were delicious! What is the recipe?"


"Thank you so much for the new apple and raspberry vegan muffins this morning! They were delicious and made my entire day so much better :)"



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March 28, 2014

ʺHi there!
I am a vegan with nut allergies, and your oatmeal in the mornings is often my best option for an animal by-product free meal. However the toppings are constantly mixed together in the boxes, and often that means the nuts end up in the other containers. Now I hadn't had much of a problem with it (more of an annoyance with it because occasionally I would have a minor reaction from the contact to nuts), that is until this morning when I put cranberries in my oatmeal only to find that a nut had gotten mixed in without me noticing and I had a very very serious allergic reaction. Now my meal options are already fairly limited in the morning, so I was wondering if maybe you could separate the containers of toppings more? Or at least get more serving utensils so not everyone is using the same utensils for the nuts and the fruits? I do accept some responsibility in this incident but I don't want to be forced to stop eating this low cost option out of fear. Thanks so much for hearing me out!ʺ

We're very concerned about our customers having a good experience regardless of allergies or dietary preferences. We're so sorry you experienced a reaction.  There is a nut  disclaimer at the oatmeal station, but we can and will post bigger and clearer signage. Regarding your suggestion: If the toppings station is to remain self-service, unfortunately we don't feel it would be realistic or prudent to give individuals with allergies a false sense of security about eating from that area. Even if we more clearly separated fruit from nuts, added extra utensils and labeled every utensil, from our experience some customers just don't pay attention and will cross contaminate the nuts into the other toppings. This is why we do not offer nuts in the salad bar. 
Options for those with nut allergies: You may get oatmeal from the hot well but...
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March 14, 2014

"-I'm not sure if the tacos on Sunday are gluten free, but if they are not, they should be. It is very difficult to find something gluten free to eat on Sunday afternoons.
-A lot of times gluten free students have to get something from the grill, but the fact that the carne asada and vegetables are cooked in soy sauce make options very limited. Is there anyway they could be cooked in tamari? Or that a special batch of each could be cooked in tamari?"
The Taco Bar on Sundays is and always has been Gluten Free. Breaking news for our Gluten Free community members - we have changed the Carne Asada recipe and this item is now GF, as are all the grilled vegetables at the Grill Station! We know we need to update our printed and on-line nutrition resources with this information and will do so soon.
"I would like to suggest that the marketplace get dark chocolate sea salt kind bars please!!"
Done! Dark Chocolate-Sea Salt Kind Bars are now in stock at the Marketplace snack stand.
"Hi I am allergic to nuts and the marketplace only has 1 energy/protein bar without nuts, I was wondering if you could possibly get the lemon zest luna bars please!! I would very much appreciate it...
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February 28, 2014

"Hi there! I was wondering if all the varieties of whole wheat bread offered at the sandwich bar are 100% whole wheat?"

Just one, the Galasso's whole wheat, with its distinctive sprinkle of grains on top (pictured here) is made from 100% whole wheat flour.

"Also, the tofu has been especially delicious lately! Did you switch to a new brand? I love it!"

We have not changed brands but we have changed our preparation technique for the tofu at the sandwich station. It is still baked, but for a shorter time, making it softer.  Glad you like it!

"Please bring back the Gumbo!!! It was so good last year.."


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February 14, 2014

"Hello! I have long been an avid fan of the Marketplace salmon. However, I noticed after the recent switch that the salmon has been drier, last tasty, and packed with more fish bones (is this my imagination?). Is there anything that can be done to rectify this? I know a lot of my other friends also preferred the old salmon, if that can be made an option again.  Thanks, Will"
It's not your imagination. Like you, we loved the taste of our salmon, but as farmed, Atlantic salmon it is listed on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch as an "avoid". We've spent many weeks this year searching for a new option that would meet our sustainability goals, and also taste great. We've ...
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January 24, 2014

"Please have chicken fingers/tenders in the Cooler all the time! And Sweet potato fries!
Unfortunately the Tiger Cooler only has one fryer well, and we need to keep the oil vegetarian.  We can occasionally offer meat items baked in our pizza oven, as a weekend special. As for sweet potato fries, due to the added challenge of very small storage spaces at the Cooler, we cannot offer them all the time, at least not unless we eliminated another menu item. 
"Please bring back the eggplant sandwich [to the Cooler]. None of the new sandwiches are vegetarian. Although I am not positive, the vegetable porta has something brown that is made of fish. Also, the eggplant sandwich was one of our favorites at the Coffee Cart."...
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January 7, 2014

"What are the ingredients in the vegan/GF pancakes?"

We use "The Cravings Place" all purpose pancake and waffle mix.  The only thing we add is water.  The mix contains whole grain brown rice flour, non aluminum baking powder, vanilla bean powder, sea salt, baking soda, & xanthan gum. 

"The vegan muffins are great, but they are a little heavy. May I suggest replacing some or all of the oil with applesauce or bananas?"

Yes, we'll give that a try. Please let us know what you think!

"Thanks for changing up the jelly to raspberry jam in the morning salad bar, it does not go unnoticed!"

We thought a little variety would be nice. Glad you liked the change :-)


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