ʺHi there!
I am a vegan with nut allergies, and your oatmeal in the mornings is often my best option for an animal by-product free meal. However the toppings are constantly mixed together in the boxes, and often that means the nuts end up in the other containers. Now I hadn't had much of a problem with it (more of an annoyance with it because occasionally I would have a minor reaction from the contact to nuts), that is until this morning when I put cranberries in my oatmeal only to find that a nut had gotten mixed in without me noticing and I had a very very serious allergic reaction. Now my meal options are already fairly limited in the morning, so I was wondering if maybe you could separate the containers of toppings more? Or at least get more serving utensils so not everyone is using the same utensils for the nuts and the fruits? I do accept some responsibility in this incident but I don't want to be forced to stop eating this low cost option out of fear. Thanks so much for hearing me out!ʺ

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