Ubardelli is a small family owned produce distribution company, operated by a sole proprietor for the last 65 years. Owner Ralph Guthaus has been working with Oxy since 1989. Early in the morning, around 1 am when the produce houses are first opening, Ralph goes to the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market to hand select everything Oxy has pre-ordered for that day. Ralph carefully selects all the products himself from his favorite companies, with which he has built strong working relationships over the years. He has favorite produce houses for different items - one company for leafy greens, another for citrus, one for the best organic produce, still another for fresh shell eggs. Because he hand selects everything we order, Ralph is able to always buy the best produce on offer for that day. After Ralph obtains everything Oxy has ordered he delivers it immediately to Campus Dining - fresh and ready for preparation!

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